Apex Legends Mobile has had one of the most successful betas of any AAA mobile game on both Android and iOS. Most users have been very satisfied with the outcome of this beta.

Apex Legends Mobile Global Launch

Recall that the first beta was launched on July 21, 2021 for only 3 countries, India, Philippines and Malaysia. And it was only focused on Android devices. It was certainly a good beta but it left players wanting more, this was just the beginning of what was to come and many did not trust the project.

The last beta that just ended on May 6, 2022 was a success, players have been playing since March 7, 2022, it was regional beta for 10 countries also surprised us because it was released for Android and IOS users, something that was not expected.


When is it coming out globally?

Officially we know it's coming out this May 2022, we can see the official Apex Legends Mobile Twitter account twit that confirms it.

Unofficially, some Twitter pages say the release date is May 17, 2022.


What we can be sure is that it will be one of the best games for mobile devices and maybe the best game of 2022 although it will have great rivals that are also expected to be released this year, such as Raimbox Six Mobile or Valorant Mobile.


Why is Apex Legends Mobile so popular?

It's a very different game in terms of mechanics to anything else on the mobile scene at the moment. A game that was initially released for PC and has become one of the most played titles, created by one of the biggest video game companies such as EA and its studio Respawn.

It is a mobile game that is expected to be very competitive and have official leagues as also happens in the PC version, for example just held the ALGS which is a professional championship apex legends mobile, was an in-person tournament in Sweden and with a prize purse to distribute $1,000,000 won by the Australian team Reignite.

We will continue to update this post as more information comes out about this great game Apex Legends Mobile.